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Join me on November 1, 2014 at 2:00 PM Yoga Salutes Non-Violence.
Yoga Salutes Non-Violence
Cheryl Catranbone

with Cheryl Catranbone
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Join me for a week of Yoga, Meditation, Great Food, Incredible Community, Fabulous Body Work, Sun and Sea in beautiful Maya Tulum! This promises to be an awesome week!
February 14 - 21, 2015

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Cheryl Catranbone is a woman living a life of purpose and passion. From early on, Cheryl knew there was more to life than what we see on the surface. Evidenced by this photo taken at age 6, meditation would be an integral part of her life. Introduced to the joy of “tumbling/gymnastics” in grade school, she was voted “the girl most likely to get her earring stuck in her sock while doing a somersault.” How prophetic a statement this was to become!

Cheryl began her journey of yoga in 1993 when she took a class at a local church in Mississippi in the hopes of finding relief from a neck injury. Wearing a neck brace, she did the best she could to move through what was for her a challenging class pointing out that she could very well be the poster child for tight and inflexibility! Although somewhat discouraged she went back two nights later and before she knew what had happened, the brace was off and she was “hooked.” The rest is as they say “history.” Cheryl went on to study yoga with enthusiasm and embraced yoga of many traditions and lineages. She received her first teacher training from Yogi Hari of Sampoorna Yoga in 1996. With a desire to know more and go deeper, Cheryl found her first true teacher, Erich Schiffmann in 1996. With Erich as her guide she was able to find her own practice and begin to listen to her inner guide. As her yoga evolved her life evolved. In 2000 Cheryl met Doug Keller and was introduced to Anusara® Yoga. The heart of this teacher and his attention to the details of Anusara’s® Universal Principles of Alignment resonated with her like nothing before or since. She had found her home in Anusara® Yoga. In 2001, Cheryl met her current teacher John Friend, founder of Anusara® Yoga. Becoming a Certified Anusara® Teacher in 2008 and with John Friend as her teacher, Cheryl has truly been led into the flow of Grace. Never before had she known the term Kula (community of the heart or family of choice) but she has stepped into a family and settled into her own heart.

With a history in marketing, Cheryl worked as an Executive Host in the gaming industry while learning and practicing yoga. Opening to Grace, she took the leap of faith in 2001 and left the casino industry to open Mind & Body of Ocean Springs, MS later to become Golden Om Yoga. Sold to students in 2004 Cheryl prepared to move on her journey. Arriving in Ellicott City, MD in March 2005 she has focused her attention on teaching Anusara® Yoga and in 2012 went on to be a trainer of the MELT Method.

Cheryl is also a dedicated student of Dr. Douglas Brooks and studies Rajanaka Yoga with him in S. Bristol New York as well as immersing herself in Pilgrimage to Tamil Nadu, India.

To live one’s life with enthusiasm and gratitude we give birth to joy in it’s fullest expression.  Life is beauty…explore, enjoy, take in, give back, stay in the experience and love.